Billing and Payment Solutions for Insurance Companies


IPFSDirect® Offers a Single Platform to Improve Customer Experience

The insurance industry is quickly evolving to provide more options that improve the entire customer journey. Now more than ever, consumers demand more options in insurance solutions, as well as a more seamless experience from quote to payment.

IPFSDirect offers a single platform of technology solutions that enables a more convenient customer experience across all touchpoints while uncovering new operational efficiencies for your business.

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IPFSDirect is an all-in-one platform that helps insurance carriers lower their expense ratio, reduce the cost of manual processes, and create opportunities for increased revenue.

Our digital platform of solutions includes premium billing, collection, and funding that provides insurance carriers:

  1. Certainty of receiving full premium payment upfront
  2. Lower administrative costs for lower expense ratios
  3. Increased liquidity and investment income

IPFSDirect is a digital platform for both policyholders and distributors. Our premium billing and collection capabilities are built with the latest technology to deliver your policyholders more personalized service and convenience.

Simplify the insurance purchase process for both policyholders and distributors with help from IPFSDirect. Let us show you how today.

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Partnering with IPFSDirect:

  1. Monetizes receivable balances carried on your balance sheet
  2. Grows liquidity and investment income
  3. Improves profit margins per dollar of earned premium

Improve Your Customer Experience

  1. Provides policyholders with flexibility to pay premiums in full or select a payment plan.
  2. Provides “combined bill” for multiple policies.
  3. Distribution partners receive commissions upfront.
  4. Your company rapidly moves into digital insurance distribution and payment.

Our team will help you simplify workflows and add automated functionality that lowers costs and your expense ratio. We handle premium billing and collection with your policyholders including a “checkout” process much like they experience with other internet purchases.

  1. Carrier receives full payment upfront and electronically for easy application
  2. IPFSDirect handles all billing, collection, and customer service/support inquiries
  3. Policyholder is given the option to pay in full or select a payment plan option.
  4. All documents are electronic, including eSignature
  5. Policyholder makes monthly payments to IPFS
  6. Policyholder and/or distributor accesses documents via a portal

IPFSDirect, part of IPFS Corporation®, is an industry leader in providing a single technology platform to assist carriers with their day-to-day business. As your strategic partner, we deliver API integrations that easily connect with your policy administration systems, allowing us to receive essential information for our premium billing, collection, and funding services for low-touch operations.

With more than 45 years in the insurance premium billing, collection, and funding business, IPFS Corporation is the largest independent premium finance company in North America servicing over $13 billion in premiums and 700,000 accounts annually. IPFSDirect is a business unit of IPFS Corporation specifically focused on solutions to improve workflows for greater efficiency and improving financial metrics. We elevate customer experience for insurance companies, captives, program managers, and general agents by providing a simplified insurance purchase transaction.

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Learn How IPFS Benefits Agents and Business Owners


Benefits for Business Owners

Financing your commercial insurance premiums gives you the flexibility to use your working capital more effectively. Freeing up capital can allow you to focus on product development, hiring new employees, marketing and other investments to grow your business.

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Benefits for Insurance Agents

Immediate commission collection, superior account receivable ratios, reduced billing expenses, enhanced service for your clients, increased annual income, and much more. In 2021, we financed more than 700,000 insurance loans across North America, totaling nearly $12 billion in premiums in the US alone.


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